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Only a few made you bite the dust. Coincidentally, that one standing in front of you right now, ready to fight, is one of them. Your hands rise into an impenetrable guard. Your time has come to take revenge!

8 Masters’ Revenge is a fighting game for 1 to 4 players.

You are a martial arts master and you want to beat your opponents, strike after strike. Your only weapons are your 2 hands, represented by the 2 cards you have in play. Find the weak point in your opponent’s guard to deal damage to him. As soon as his "health" marker reaches the last space of his life track (whose length depends of the number of players), he is out of the game.

The last surviving player wins the fight!

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Games rules (.zip 2.8 MB)

Official F.A.Q. (.pdf 40 KB)

Try it for free on Board Game Arena (1 vs 1 only)